July 2024 Update

Well, I didn’t write a blog update in May or June but for slightly different reasons. My drafting of the first half of the second act of MK2 was going smoothly about until the second week of May. I know it was the second week of May because there’s a noticeable and consistent dip in my word count tracker. I hit an epistolary section of the novel (a multi-day hospital report) and decided I need to write the whole thing and then down select from there.

If that weren’t bad enough, it was/is boring to write. This is normally a big red flag for writers: if you’re bored writing it, readers are going to be bored writing it. But this is an exception (I think—at least, I’m pretty sure) for two reasons. The first is that report writing is dry, technical, third person writing. It’s just very different than prose and it’s in the medical field with which I’m not very familiar, so it’s slow going. And slow going always is a struggle for me. I’ve always likened writing to riding a bike, the faster you go, the more momentum you have and easier it is. So slow going always feels wobbly and sputtering to me.

The second reason I’m not too worried (at least not yet) about being bored writing this section is, when I go back and read it, I rather like it. I’m not bored reading it and I think it brings an interesting insight into the character. I also know the role it plays in the larger story and I think the epistolary section does something different than I normally see in epistolary sections in prose novels, so I find that exciting.

I am, however, still writing this section. The end is in sight, but it is taking forever. The writing is slow and I missed more days than usual this past June. So as a result, I missed my weekly wordcounts for most of the weeks in June, but not by much–I was still pretty consistent.

Hopefully, the next time I blog I will be able to write this epistolary section is done and I’ll also cover why I didn’t have time to blog in June and missed more writing days than normal. Until then!

April 2024

As is typically my case, as soon as I swear I’m not going to work on something and the mental weight of that lifts, I find myself twiddling my thumbs and think I’ll just work on it a little bit. So naturally, I finished the edits of Act 1 of MK2 and started drafting again.

The edits went faster than I thought. I mapped out the interlude chapters and figured out how to weave in (and figure out) all that pieces that are happening off camera. I then sat down and started writing again quite unexpectedly—I don’t know why it always surprises me when I do start drafting again. I think it’s because I always feels like I want to be writing but there are always impediments standing in the way such as work, life, edits, or things to figure out in the novel.

But I started drafting again! I keep track of word counts when I draft and from that I can see that I finished drafting Act 1 of MK2 on Dec 23, 2023. So, it’s been close to four months since I was drafting and the writing muscles feel a little stiff and sluggish getting going. But I know how to deal with that at this point: routine. Set a daily word count, and them make sure you hit it. That’s what I’ve done and MK2 is off to the drafting again.

March 2024 Update

Life has been busy. March is time of year I get a set of MRIs done for my MS and as a consequence, it tends to come with rash of doctor’s appointments. The neurologist is like the captain of the team, and then there’s a bunch of other specialists I see for symptom control. At any rate, all those appointments tend cluster together around this time of year (and the fall). And if there weren’t enough, my youngest daughter has developed a demanding health condition that is affecting life for us all as we try and get our hands around it.

All that to say, I actually did better than I thought this past month on the writing goals given all that. I finished all the Weekend Warrior stories and got them out on submission, and I finished editing the first act of MK2. It was pretty rough—all my zero drafts are on the first pass—but, all in all, not terrible. The main character arc continues to give me trouble, but I’ve decided I’m overthinking it and I’m just going to have fun and let it flow. It’ll be years at this rate before any of this ready anyway, so I mind as well enjoy it as much as I can while it’s all mine.

I now need to sit down with all those handwritten edits and work through them in the digital manuscript, but that is actually a pretty high level of effort and something I like to focus on and do as quickly as possible to keep the story in my head as much as possible. But I just don’t have the time with life stuff right now to dedicate to that. So, the edit’s are sitting on my desk when I’m ready for them. I’m sad at the loss of momentum, with my MS brain I will have forgotten much when I finally get back to it, but there’s nothing for it.

So, no real writing goals this coming month except to get a handle on life stuff.

February 2024 Update

You know, I kinda hate/love this time of year and I think I forget that every year. Every January/February there’s an extra layer of stress on top everything and I find myself pulling my hair out in exasperation through these two months. Why? Performance reviews are due at work, taxes are due, and inventory is due at work as well. All are very tedious, unpleasant tasks.

But then, it’s also ski season! This year I went to Crested Butte & Telluride for my solo trip (pics below) for 3 days at Crested Butte and 4 days at Telluride. It was incredible and I am very, very relieved it went so well.

We went on a family trip to Whistler the week before Christmas, but we got a bad roll of the dice and had 40 degrees and raining almost the entire time we were there. It wasn’t as bad once you got up past mid-station, but much of the mountain was closed and the snow was very wet and heavy. My leg got fatigued on the very first run on the very first day and I was pretty despondent about it. I was only able to ski 3-5 runs a day. I was so upset that I came close to canceling the Crested Butte/Telluride trip and calling skiing done in my life, chalked up to a casualty of MS.

I am so very, very happy I didn’t! I’m learning snow conditions and trail length make a big difference for my leg and skiing experience. Crested Butte and Telluride were amazing. Crested Butte had shorter trails that were better for my leg and I had two days of fresh powder at Telluride, which is nothing short of magical.

The icing on the cake was that I was able to know out the performance review for my team, finish edits on MK1, and participated in Codex’s Weekend Warrior contest both weekends (write a 750 flash piece in a weekend for 5 weekends in a row). The contest is a great idea/story generator and I’ve gone on to sell three of the five stories I wrote for it last time. I think I should be able to sell some this time (fingers crossed). I also finished inventory before I left, and almost done with taxes. So, all those unpleasant tasks are almost over.

I’m now getting back to editing act 1 of MK2 with an eye to then turn around and write some short stories from other characters POVs to help fill in some details for myself. There’s a lot going on off camera in MK2 and as a discovery writer it’s hard for me to know what that is until I write it. They could end up as chapters in MK2, short stories in expanded world collection, or forever sit on my hard drive. The final product isn’t what’s so important here, but the journey of story discovery along the way.

My goal for February is to clean up the Weekend Warrior stories, get them out on submission, and put a solid dent in editing MK2.

Pictures from Crested Butte. The trail is Rambo, the steepest in North America! Pictures do not do it justice (I did not go down it). I wanted to look down it from the top, but it can only be accessed by extreme terrain, which with my leg I will not attempt.

Pictures of Telluride. Absolutely gorgeous. Fresh powder! And the trees are the type of skiing I love to do.

2024 New Year Update

Well, I went back and looked and apparently I didn’t set any 2023 targets, which looking back was probably a good thing. I had enough on my plate this year adjusting to life with MS, other life stressors, and a busy day job. So, not having a targets hanging over my head becoming stressors instead of motivators was a blessing in disguise.

But I still had a pretty good writing year in 2023. I sold three stories! The first sales in eight years and one of them was turned into audio (my favorite format). So that was definitely a highlight. I edited MK1 (again) and wrote the first act of MK2 (more on that later). I also wrote a series bible for MK1 that has already proven its weight in gold. And I read 15 fiction books and 6 nonfiction books. These seem low, but I read The Count of Monte Cristo and Don Quixote which took me longer to get through. Of the 15 fiction books, my favorites were The Count of Monte Cristo and Murder on the Orient Express.

Writing the first act of MK2 has been challenging for a couple reasons. First, it’s a big honking space opera and there’s a lot going on off camera with side characters that I haven’t worked out yet–so it’s hard to know how to weave that all in. The second is that I’ve had a really hard time getting a handle on the main character’s character arc in the second book. It’s only recently that I’ve figured out why.

I realized on one of my editing passes of MK1 this past year that the main character’s character arc didn’t fit neatly into MK1 and that it was going to be split over multiple books. I recognized that the climax of MK1 was really the midpoint of the character arc, but what I didn’t recognize until recently (although in retrospect should’ve been obvious) was that meant some of the characters interactions were incongruent in the second half of MK1. Basically, the steps the character needs to go through from the midpoint to the third plot point in a character arc were shoved in the wrong place between the first act and the midpoint of a character arc. It resulted in some weirdness and made it hard to figure how to develop the character in the first act of MK1.

So my targets for 2024 are tied to these recent revelations:
1. Edit character arc in the second half of MK1.
2. Edit first act of MK2.
3. Write 2-3 short stories exploring off camera events to better understand them.
4. Write first half of the second act of MK2.

No reading goals this year. I don’t feel I need them anymore—reading is now pretty integrated into my daily life.



A story out in the wild!

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a story accepted and published, eight years and three half months to be exact. That’s a long time. I wish I could say I hadn’t submitted much in that time frame, but that isn’t true. According to the submission grinder I garnered, 321 rejections in that time frame across 37 unique pieces—and that doesn’t even include agent rejections for novels. I can’t even login into the website used to track the agent submissions anymore, but last I remembered those were on the order of a 100 or so.

Despite that quite prodigious streak of rejections, I’ve had spat of acceptances in the last few months. This piece is the first to make it to publication, but expect a few more announcements as the others roll out.

Here is a link to my story in All Worlds Wayfayer live now to December 20th. You can pick up the whole issue here.

It’s very exciting to see one of my stories out in the wild again!

November 2023 Update

Well, I probably shouldn’t have bought that Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild—that is certainly going to cut into my productivity. But you know what? I don’t care. It’s fun. And I could use more fun in my life right now.

The infusions for MS went great. The worst side effect/infusion reaction was a slight headache. So other than the general discomfort of having an IV in for six hours, nothing even close to remotely complain about. In fact, they gave me a steroid in the cocktail of drugs before the actual infusion and the next day I felt great. Was moving much more easily without all the aches and pains. I talked to my GP about doing that before ski trips, so now I have renewed hope that skiing won’t be slipping away from be so dramatically as before. We’ll see—I’ve learned to be cautious that hope side of the equation.

In regards to writing, I am chipping away at MK2, but its slow going. I’m running into the typical problem all pantsers have when writing: where to go next. I deal with this fairly regularly so I know how to solve it. But there’s a new dimension of fatigue with MS where I’m like “man, that feels like a lot of work” and it takes some wind out of my sails. But I am creature of routine and that is saving me right now. Every morning around 4 am I’m at the laptop for 15-30 mins to chip away at it. And progress is being made! I estimate I’m about 2/3rds the way through the first act. Which means I need really need to figure out the first plot point.

So, my target is to have the first act wrapped up by the new year. That should be plenty of time, but while it’s certainly true that inspiration follows hard work, there’s no hard and fast rule on when that inspiration will show up in the middle of all that hard work.

September 2023 Update

Drafting of MK2 is actually going pretty steadily. I’ve been plugging away consistently at it a bit every day and I’m currently up to 15k words, which I estimate puts me at about halfway through the first act. I’m loving how this story is shaping up—a lot of really interesting material I was planning on revealing later is coming out now. It makes sense for the story, although we’ll see how I feel about when I get to those later chapters when I was planning on revealing it!

One thing that is different this time around for drafting is that I am continuously updating a timeline excel spreadsheet I pioneered for myself in MK1 and I’m updating the series bible as I go. This slows down the drafting process but makes the writing easier. A lot of the world rules and structures are already set in MK1 and spelled out in the series bible, so I have to do a lot less making things up on the fly and just draw on the rich world that already exists. These are important behind-the-scenes structural components to keeping a sprawling space opera manageable but it’s always more fun to decorate the cake (drafting) than bake the actual cakes (all this bookkeeping).

On the MS front, it became clear over the summer things were deteriorating with my leg and my fatigue levels in general so I went to the neurologist and was officially diagnosed with MS and I’m starting on disease modifying therapy (Ocrevus) in a few weeks. Nervous, of course—potential for a lot of infusion reactions and side effects, but it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. The first infusion is 6 hours long, so rest assured, I will be bringing my laptop to chip away at MK2–looking forward to a bit of forced productivity on the novel. But it won’t all be work, I’m planning on buying a Nintendo Switch to play Breath of the Wild which has been on my radar but never got around to.

Drafting MK2?

Well, I started drafting MK2—maybe? I started writing the first chapter with a clear vision and a pretty good idea on the second chapter, but after that? Who knows? This is similar to how MK1 started. The difference was I had clear vision of the opening sequence in MK1 which ended up being ten chapters and about 30k worth of words, but I wasn’t clear what would happen after that. This time I have a good vision of the first two chapters (probably 4-5k words) and not sure where to go after. This doesn’t seem like a long enough runaway to build momentum and get the story rolling. So, I’m preparing for a jerky start.

That’s the problem with being a discovery writer—figuring out the story as you go can be slow and lead to a lot of false starts and dead ends. It seems like every novel I start I need to relearn this. The hope, of course, is that once I’m in the thick of drafting, the characters come alive and start driving the story themselves—all I need to do is point them in the right direction.

The decision to start drafting came on suddenly (as it normally does for me). I was working out a lot of the antagonist backstory and plans, which was coming together nicely, but I was struggling about where to pick up the story again. A lot of writers like to go for walks when working out problems, and there’s a ton of science to back that up.

Me? I like to lay in the pool in the sun and listen to music. But I always felt guilty about it, like it was too indulgent to work through problems that way. But when I recently read The Good Enough Job by Simone Stolzoff, I felt pretty validated. There’s also research backing up that relaxing and unwinding jump starts the creative brain. I felt like it was telling me the brain science behind my lived experience. It totally works for me! Although, I still can’t shake the feeling it’s too indulgent. I even word-vomited all over my wife about it in an attempt to justify myself. My wife listened and assured me I had no reason to feel guilty about occasionally laying in the pool and she never harbored any ill-ill toward me about it. Typing all this out has made me realize that maybe I don’t have an as healthy work/life balance as I thought I did if I feel guilty for laying around.

Anyway, now I just need to get build up some momentum in drafting. (Writing is fun–most of the time. Editing on the other hand … editing sucks).