April 2024

As is typically my case, as soon as I swear I’m not going to work on something and the mental weight of that lifts, I find myself twiddling my thumbs and think I’ll just work on it a little bit. So naturally, I finished the edits of Act 1 of MK2 and started drafting again.

The edits went faster than I thought. I mapped out the interlude chapters and figured out how to weave in (and figure out) all that pieces that are happening off camera. I then sat down and started writing again quite unexpectedly—I don’t know why it always surprises me when I do start drafting again. I think it’s because I always feels like I want to be writing but there are always impediments standing in the way such as work, life, edits, or things to figure out in the novel.

But I started drafting again! I keep track of word counts when I draft and from that I can see that I finished drafting Act 1 of MK2 on Dec 23, 2023. So, it’s been close to four months since I was drafting and the writing muscles feel a little stiff and sluggish getting going. But I know how to deal with that at this point: routine. Set a daily word count, and them make sure you hit it. That’s what I’ve done and MK2 is off to the drafting again.

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