March 2024 Update

Life has been busy. March is time of year I get a set of MRIs done for my MS and as a consequence, it tends to come with rash of doctor’s appointments. The neurologist is like the captain of the team, and then there’s a bunch of other specialists I see for symptom control. At any rate, all those appointments tend cluster together around this time of year (and the fall). And if there weren’t enough, my youngest daughter has developed a demanding health condition that is affecting life for us all as we try and get our hands around it.

All that to say, I actually did better than I thought this past month on the writing goals given all that. I finished all the Weekend Warrior stories and got them out on submission, and I finished editing the first act of MK2. It was pretty rough—all my zero drafts are on the first pass—but, all in all, not terrible. The main character arc continues to give me trouble, but I’ve decided I’m overthinking it and I’m just going to have fun and let it flow. It’ll be years at this rate before any of this ready anyway, so I mind as well enjoy it as much as I can while it’s all mine.

I now need to sit down with all those handwritten edits and work through them in the digital manuscript, but that is actually a pretty high level of effort and something I like to focus on and do as quickly as possible to keep the story in my head as much as possible. But I just don’t have the time with life stuff right now to dedicate to that. So, the edit’s are sitting on my desk when I’m ready for them. I’m sad at the loss of momentum, with my MS brain I will have forgotten much when I finally get back to it, but there’s nothing for it.

So, no real writing goals this coming month except to get a handle on life stuff.

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