Changes in the works

So I missed the last schedule blog post more on accident than any deliberate purpose. That’s the first time that’s happened since I started blogging two years ago almost to the day. It’s been an interesting two years, and I’ve flopped back and forth on what is a good blogging schedule for me and even if blogging is a good use of my time.

I decided that, ultimately, blogging is useful to me, but perhaps not the most high-density activity in my arsenal of furthering my writing career. This is why I chose to use the time I would normally write a blog post for last time to work on the Underwater Restorations novel instead. I find blogging to be useful as a kind of internal (external?) record of progress. It’s helpful for me to call up old posts and see where I was, where I was aiming, and where I’ve ended up. So, I’m going to continue blogging the first and third Saturday of every month for that reason.

The bigger change that I’ve already shared with my mailing list is that I’m moving away from publishing a new story every other month like I have since April 2014. I had been releasing short stories, novelettes and novellas. With the exception of the novellas, the general reading public doesn’t normally read random short stories off of Amazon. Those that do read short fiction, tend to read it in the short fiction magazines. What the general public does read is novels, particularly novels in series. So that’s what I’m planning on delivering. I’ve already finished the first in a steampunk epic (summer 2016 release), and am in the dreaded middle of the Underwater Restorations novel (fall 2015 release).

This is a bittersweet decision. It frees me up to focus more the novels (sweet), but due to my workflow, leaves me with quite a few unused covers I designed that I don’t get to use (boo). So instead of having the covers go to waste I’d thought I’d roll them out occasionally here on the blog.  I’ll roll out the first one next time. Until then!


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