Consummate rule follower

I am nothing if not a consummate rule follower.

So here I am, as directed, launching a website and blogging about becoming a writer.  The landscape of publishing is changing in strange ways.  Writing, normally, attracted by those types that prefer quiet and solitude (myself included) are now told they must have an online presence.  They must build a following and do their own marketing.  This used to be the role of the traditional publishers, but now they’re doing less and farming more onto the beginner writer.

The introvert writer that needs that daily quiet time writing to stay sane, is now thrust in front of a faceless horde that could number anywhere from hundreds to thousands to millions.  The first one might not sound so bad, but have you ever spoken in front a crowd numbering in the hundreds?  And then do it on regular basis?  But from publishers to authors, both large and small, they all seem to agree that an online presence is necessary in this new age of publishing.

Despite this, I am determined to become a professional writer.  I write daily, study markets, attend workshops; I submit, get rejected, and submit again, and again, and again.
And now I blog about it.

I am nothing if not a consummate rule follower.

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