What I’m reading

I wrote in an earlier post that as a kid through adulthood I read mostly fantasy, but as a writer I write mostly science fiction.  The result was I was writing in a genre I had read very little in.  Naturally, as soon as I realized this I set about remedying the situation.

I have since read at least one work (usually more) of some of the giants in the field: Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, and more.  Of the set, Heinlein’s been my favorite so far—particularly Starship Troopers.
In addition to trying to make way through the classics in the field I have been reading the professional short story markets with some regularity.  This is a result of another anomaly: I read mostly novels, yet write exclusively short fiction.  So yet again, I set out to fix this this little hiccup.  All of them have beautifully written fiction, but of the ones I’m reading now the one I enjoy the most is Asimov’s Science Fiction.  It’s also easy to slip in a short story here and there in a busy schedule which is why that’s mostly what I’ve read lately: short science fiction.
When I think back to the last novel I read, it was the latest in the Gentleman Bastard series—a fantasy novel.  Whoops–slipping into old habits.  I had read the first two Foundation novels by Asimov earlier in the summer and had bought the third and fourth.  I think it’s time to go dust those off and get to reading.
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