Venus Snow included in the Anti-Apocalypse

Issue 16 Cover Preview

I have a new story, Venus Snow, in Plasma Frequency’s Anti-Apocalypse issue. I *love* their theme, and the issue didn’t disappoint. I’ve read most of Game of Thrones, but somewhere in the middle of it, I stopped and trawled through my library muttering “I need some gosh-dang hope in my fantasy” (I ended up re-reading the DragonLance Chronicles for those curious). I was tired of all the grim-dark in that series, which I think is very much in vogue right now. So I was super-excited to see this theme-call.

I’m also a research scientist by trade. This means I rather enjoy the research phase of a story. I get to dust off my old college textbooks, break out the old-school TI-82 calculator and nerd out. The research for Venus Snow was no exception. I read several academic papers on Venus, sketched out rough plans for a space station, and punched on my TI-82 until my heart’s content. I also learned that female centaurs are called kentaurides (cool bit of trivia knowledge). I hope that you not only enjoy it, but that it leaves you feeling hopeful!

P.S. You can read a review of the issue by Charles Payseur over at Quick Sip Reviews if you’re curious.

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