Time Management

I recently decided to shift my blogging schedule to the first and third Saturday of every month.  Previous to this, it had been every Saturday.  I still, of course, reserve the right to post more than this, but the twice a month will be the minimum number I do.

The reason is simple: time management.  Kris Rusch wrote recently on her blog about the acronym WIBBOW which she attributed to Scott William Carter.  It stands for Would I Be Better Off Writing.  And the answer, for me, is yes.
At this phase in my writing career, I have, on average, about 8-10 writing sessions a week.  Writing this blog takes up at least one session, so about 10% of my available writing time (sometimes more).  And this blog currently doesn’t have the readership or interaction to justify this use of time.
I’m not disappointed by this or even surprised.  It is what I expected when I started–I just wanted to acquaint myself and get used to the idea of blogging.  I’m simply not well known at the moment, so there’s no reason to expect any of that right now.
How do you get known?  By writing great stories of course, and getting them in front of readers, not blogging (this isn’t an absolute rule, but it clearly applies to me).  So I am going to shift to blogging twice a month to give me more time to write what I really love: speculative fiction.
I’m off to go write ….
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