Sunken City Capers Book 4 Update

Well, I didn’t think I’d get this blog post up today–I couldn’t find the power cord for my laptop. My wife and I decided to upend our lives and buy a new home and sell ours. Even though we chose to do this to ourselves, the whole process is stressful and trying to keep the house picked up and ready to show all the time means things going missing–like laptop power cords. At any rate, I found it.

Book 4 continues to go slow, but at least it continues to go. Buying and selling a home has obviously cut into my writing time, but at least for right now I think the rush of all that initial activity has damped down. The story itself has started to gel. I wrote last time that I found out what the middle of the book was lacking and that I needed to layer it in–I’m still in the process of layering that in, but once that’s done I actually expect the drafting to pick up speed and to be done pretty quickly with the book. I anticipate being done drafting by May 14. But it’s too early to say when a release date will be, I have to finish the draft first, then line up the cover, so hopefully end of June or maybe July.

I am really excited about layering in the missing element, I think it’s going to make writing the rest of the story fast and easy. We’ll see!


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