Progress Made

I’m inching ever closer to putting up my first title. Over the past few weeks I have designed the covers, interiors, and wrote the blurbs for the all the titles I’m planning on putting up in 2014 and some of 2015. I’m now waiting on some advanced copies to arrive in the mail so I can look them over and make any necessary corrections before starting to publish.

The act of designing covers, interiors and writing blurbs has drained a lot of my creative energy, such that I haven’t been putting many new words down during that time.  But most of that’s behind me and I recently started writing again on a short story I started in early February–much to my relief. I can’t recall the last time it took me this long to write a short story (longer pieces are different) and I was starting to get anxious. A large part of my publishing strategy is to have a steady release of material, so I need to regularly produce new stories.
But progress has been made on multiple fronts. I have my 2014 lineup mostly ready to go. I’m close to having all the pieces in place to start publishing. And I started writing again. Anxiousness averted; progress made.
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