Nanowrimo Continues!

I wrote last time about how I’m (kinda, sorta) participating in nanowrimo this month for the first time. I got off to a great start and set a new personal best week the first week with 13.7k words. But I didn’t expect to keep up that pace, as that week was a bit of anomaly as my parents came for a visit and sucked up my kids for lots of Grandma/Grandpa time that left me with extra time to write.

The following two weeks were more normal weeks for me and as of this post I’ve written 31k in November. My previous best month was 34k, so it seems likely another personal best is likely to fall in the next few days. Of course, we’re now transitioning to the holiday portion of November, so I expect my word counts to drop as I get out of my regular routines and family actually wishes to spend some time with me. But I’m pretty sure I can top 34k.

My new target for the month is between 35-37k. A high-bar target would be 40k. I really would like to get to the transition to the third act in my current novel before December. December is shaping up to be a demanding month that will eat into my word count, so the more words I can fit in this month, the better shape I’ll be in December with the potential of finishing this novel–which would be fantastic.

We’ll see how it goes. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone! *Dives back into writing*

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