My Story is Up!

Earlier last week, the first part of my science fiction novelette Underwater Restorations debuted in Orson Scott Card’sIntergalactic Medicine Show Issue 37. It marks my second professional level sale, and the first time art has accompanied one of my stories. I couldn’t be happier with the illustrations; I think it might be what I most excited about.

As writers, the story almost always plays out as movie in our heads, which we try and transcribe to the written word. But we can never be exactly sure if what played in our head, plays in the readers’ heads. So it is really neat to see a picture of what someone else envisioned from one of my stories. It was a very surreal and satisfying experience. One I hope to have again soon.
I also get to humbly share the TOC with writer’s I’ve read before and admire:
1. Elsa’s Sphere by Marina J. Lostetter
2. Underwater Restorations by Jeffrey A. Ballard (me)
3. High-Tech Fairies and the Pandora Perplexity by Alex Shvartsman
4. Big Al Shepard Plays Baseball on the Moon by Jamie Todd Rubin
5. Seven Tips to Enjoy Your Time in the Unreal Forest by Van Aaron Hughes
6. Into the Desolation by Catherine Wells (audio available)


The $15 annual subscription is well worth it in my opinion (you get access to all back issues as well). Check it if you can.  Part 2, the exciting conclusion, will be in issue 38!
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