Might be time for a break

So, I think I have the thousand-foot view? That’s been the problem with this novel the whole time. I can’t keep anything in my head for any amount of time.

I spent most of August and close to 7k words brainstorming and writing down notes, but even after all that time, I don’t have everything I worked out memorized. But I am confident I must have worked it out, since I started drafting again a couple days ago. I’m still trying to find my rhythm again. I have a clear idea what needs to happen (and more importantly why) in the next few chapters but I’m still having problem getting going, building narrative momentum.

I think part of the issue is, I have a streak going all the way back to early 2020 of working on writing every day. That’s over a year long, which is great. But now I’m starting to think, a break might be in order. I have lots of other things outside of writing that vie for my attention, such that, lately, it feels like I come to my writing time as a box to check, rather than a period of fun to have. This is most notable when as soon as I hit the designated word count for that day, I often stop and move on to something else.

Not sure what to do about that. On the one hand, I have the streak and I hate losing momentum. On the other hand, I don’t really have momentum right now. Should probably take a break ….  Now to see if I can actually force myself to do that.

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