May 2018 Update

Well, I missed April’s blog post. The first Saturday since I dropped to once a month updates, and I missed it—oh, well. I’m going to blame it on playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4. I actually got it for Christmas but delayed playing it until I was between writing projects. I thought it would be 10-15 hours of distraction—ha! I should’ve read the reviews more closely. Awesome game though, I’d highly recommend to any gamer that likes sci-fi.

I finished the alternate history steampunk novel, query letter, and synopsis back in March; and I’ve sorted through agents and have started querying—so that’s one 2018 goal done. And with the now regular addition of listening to audio books while working out (I know I previously said they weren’t for me, but they’re just so dang efficient), I’m up to 3 fiction books read and 6 nonfiction books. I’ll have to pick up the pace on the fiction books. I’m currently listening to one I don’t particularly care for, but I’m a little more than halfway and the next book up is one I’m really looking forward to so I’m eager to get through the less than good book.

I’ve begun research on a new novel series. I’m excited about the setting and the central idea, but I need to spend some time to get the setting right. Once the setting has gelled in my head, then I’ll start populating it with conflict and characters and then start drafting. I miss drafting, the thrill of discovering a story. I haven’t the slightest idea when I’ll start drafting again, but I hope it’s soon. I’d like to have most of the novel done before the end of the year. I hope to have a better estimate to when I can start drafting next time, until then!

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