General Status Update Jan. 2018

I think I’m nearing that point on a project where you start to get sick of it; where another editing pass fills you with dread. I’ve dusted off my alternate-history steampunk novel and started editing some of the character arcs of the two main protagonists. Of course, I only intended to edit one of them, but, naturally, in the course of doing that I had a revelation about the other main character and here I am. I can’t seem to stop making work for myself.

I’m hoping to be done with those edits by the end of the month. I’ve written a draft of an agent query letter and sent it out to get some feedback from fellow writers. It’s annoying how one page can fill you with such angst. Is this novel middle grade, young adult, too long, too short?


You’d think this would be clear cut, and I hope to God it is to some agent out there, but it’s not to me. I can’t seem to write cleanly in one genre. Which makes for great reading (in my opinion) but makes for terrible marketing and selling. Anyhoo, I need to settle on the query letter and then write the synopsis (oh, joy). I think I’ve settled on trying to take this novel the traditional route and see what comes of it.

I also think I’m going to follow the advice and not write book 2 in that series until it sells to a publisher. I really hate losing work, or being inefficient. Fortunately, I’m a writer, new ideas for novels are easy. Picking which one to write is hard. And so is staying in genre. In fact, the one I think I want to write is yet another one that doesn’t fit neatly into a genre that I know of—so good job brain. It’s like you aren’t listening to me at all.

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