First Draft Novel Done!

I wrote last time that the next time I checked in I would likely report that the first draft of my current novel WIP is done. I am much relieved (and somewhat surprised at how fast this Saturday loomed up on me) to write that I, in fact, did finish the first draft of the novel on May 28th! I’m stoked, it came in at 108k.

I have some editing to do,  and then let it sit for awhile while I map out book two which I’ll start to write in the fall of 2015. For now, I’ve already started to write the Underwater Restorations novel–man are those characters fun. I need to be careful with them. I’m targeting a 60k novel to help put me back on track for three novels this year, but those characters have too much fun and if I’m not careful that word count will soon blow up as I simply enjoy spending too much time with them.

In fact, I think I’ll go visit with Isa, Puo, and Winn right now. Until next time!

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