Feb. 2018 General Status Update

I think I’m done with the editing phase of the alternate history steampunk novel. Now it’s time to let it sit while I wrap up the submission package materials. I have the agent query done, and now I’m wrestling with the synopsis.


I had two versions of the synopsis laying around from several years ago for a writers swap (I ultimately did not enter) and ooh boy are they both terrible. The first was six pages long, the second was four. Guidelines say no more than two pages double spaced. Two pages! Madness!


So now my mornings are spent ruthlessly cutting the synopsis while trying to make it all coherent and engaging. I hope to have that wrapped in the next week, then I’ll focus outlining book 2. Then one more read through for a coherency check and polish and off to agents! Not really looking forward to that part–never much fun to receive rejection after rejection after rejection, but it’s the game all writers have to play. I’m hoping to start submitting by mid-March.

After that … I’m not sure. Either I’m going to start a whole new series, or finish up Sunken City Capers with Book 5. I’m leaning toward wrapping Sunken City Capers up, the marketing push in January has helped the series and there are encouraging signs (and I still have much more marketing mojo to unleash). I also think the time away from the Sunken City Capers series has done me well, and now I kinda want to check in with them to see what they’ve been up to.

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