In the Editing Trenches Round 3

The end is in sight. The real end. The finally done end.

I finished reading Sunken City Capers 1-3, and I’m about 2/3rds through the final read through of book 4. Once I finish the read through, I’ll have to go back through and wrap up any notes and then … done. Well, at least with the whole writing phase. Then I have to shift into the publishing phase. But that, at least, is more easy to schedule rather than the nebulous writing/editing phase.

I’ve circled a date on my calendar for publication, and I’ve started to plan around that date, but I’m not ready to publicly commit to it yet. Assuming there’s no hiccups in the final read through and edits, then I plan etching that date in and starting up the publishing gears. Hopefully, I’ll have more concrete news next time!

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