In the Editing Trenches Round 2

Whoops. Looks like I missed a couple of blog posts. The first time was deliberate. Editing is such yucky task for me (at least with this novel) that I chose to use the time I would write a blog post to get more of the editing done. The second time I just forgot—I was on vacation! My wife had a work conference in Vienna and I got to tag along as an accompanying spouse (which I must say, is the preferred way to go to these things). But don’t worry, here’s a shot of me working on editing The Brummie Con right around the corner from the Parliament building. It was … uh … the only actually time I worked on it. Quite a waste honestly to haul that computer and manuscript around (but oh so nice to take a break).

The editing is so close to being done it’s ridiculous. Honestly, this blog post is longer than the words I need to add to finish it up. But, of course, I’ve hit a bit of a wall and the last 200 words are like trying to pull teeth and write with the accompanying blood. I’m hoping to finish today, and then roll into reading the first three novels. After that it’ll be one more pass to ensure book 4 lines up with books 1-3, then I’m done. I’m eyeing a release date on early October. I hope to have set a definite date by the next blog post, which I will post on time!

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