In the Editing Trenches Round 1

If I could find a gif to sum up how the editing is going it would be from the Exorcist when Regan pukes all over the place (you’re welcome that I’m too tired to go through the effort of finding it and posting it).

I should be done with the first pass of the third act sometime this coming week, but it’s been slow going (the story of this novel). First, day-job work was particularly busy the past two weeks so I often prioritized sleep and self care. Second, things changed as the novel progressed, so it takes extra editing work to make sure it’s all coherent–there are lots of scribbles of “don’t lose the bubble on this” or “is this still true?” And tracking those down takes time. Plus, past-Jeffrey helpfully left notes like “need a simile here” instead of actually writing one. Isn’t that nice? Now it’s present-Jeffrey that’s left holding the shaft and has to come with all those. Sigh.

Oh, oh! And I keep pulling the previous 3 books to check things and I’m like: Yeesh. I think I should really reread all 3 before doing the final read through of book 4 to make sure everything makes sense. So, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing that.

All of which means, it’s still too early to estimate a publication date. Goodness, it’s July already isn’t it? So I’ll say, there’s an outside chance publication will be in August, but more likely September.

Back into the editing trenches!

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