Drafting Sunken City Capers Book 5

I started drafting in mid-May the fifth and final book the current arc in Sunken City Capers. It’s been oddly therapeutic to write it, like it’s been this unfinished thing hanging over my head for years.

Drafting speed is pretty high right now and I’m sitting at ~15k words in about three weeks. I guesstimate that 15k is about 25% of the novel. I suspect this rate of drafting to continue to about the 50% mark (since I have a clear idea of the midpoint), but then it will probably slow down as I step back and figure out how to close out the rest of the novel.

Taking all that into account, I think I’ll finish the zero draft by the end of September. After that, I’m not sure when it’ll be ready to publish. I will have to edit (which I think will take a two to three months), but then I have line up all the publishing gears which is unpredictable this far out based on other people’s availability.

My best guess would be sometime in 2022 Q2 or Q3 for the final Sunken City Capers to hit the market. I can’t wait for it to be done!

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