Cover Reveal March 2014

Well, I had said earlier that I would start putting up titles in March, in my mind that meant March 1, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. It’s a bit of a learning  curve so far and it’s taking longer than I anticipated. But I’ve made significant progress and should hopefully post my first work by the end of the month or early April. I’m not going to rush, or publish until I’m happy with the product and ready.

In the meantime, I have been diligently designing covers and writing adcopy for my catalog that I’ll roll out over the coming year. My first title is called Voices in the Deep. Here’s the blurb:
Guilt follows all men—even into the depths of an alien ocean.  Kale does what he can to keep men alive, but after three years his own guilt wears.  Understaffed, underfunded and little thought of, they complete the terraforming tasks too dangerous for everyone else.  Now the scientists have seeded the biggest storm yet, and its arrival will force Kale to finally face his guilt once and for all.
The title should up soon as I get everything in place. Stay tuned!
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