Book 4 Title Reveal

Since I strategically skipped the last scheduled blog post so I could have more writing time to make progress on book 4, I thought I’d make it up by revealing the title: The Brummie Con: Sunken City Capers Book 4! (The exclamation point is because I’m excited, not a part of the title 😉 ).

Due to the buying of a new home, selling ours, I’ve set myself on an aggressive schedule (400 words per day) to get the first draft done before moving consumes my life. And the new schedule is working! I should have the first draft done in another two weeks or so.

The last time I wrote, I was still in an editing phase about layering in a missing element. That is done, and I’m back to drafting (finally). I’m currently at 54k words out of a target of 60k (so 90% done by that metric!). But I have sneaking suspicion the book is going to run over 60k, and will be closer to 65k. I’m about to start the final sequence, and I think I’m going to need more than 6k, for the climatic sequence and then wrap it up.

Still no definitive release date, but it’s looking to be late summer now. Ah, well. This book was harder to write than the others for various reasons—I’ve been writing it seven months now (the horror!). But it’s almost done!

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