Back in the (Research) Saddle

Well this past month as been rabbit hole of personal finance. All my writing time had been sucked away reading financial books, building spreadsheets and the general cleaning up of financial house that needs to happen every few years. And while fiction words were not written, nor any progress on the research front, it was a very valuable (heh) experience for me (although not monetarily–despite my hopes, money did not magically appear out of nowhere).

The process of cleaning financial house helped me bring into focus why I enjoy writing, and that in turn helped bring into focus my writing goals. I had been feeling a bit listless this past year, but after this whole experience I feel like the ship has righted and I have a plan. I love plans. I love executing plans and I’ve found over the years, we, as human beings, tend to hit the targets we set for ourselves. So, I’m excited about my new plan and have already started to execute it.

My kid’s schools has flyers up in the hallway about Wildly Important Goals (WIG) that I walk by every day when I drop her off. Clearly, it’s made an impact. I’ve set a WIG and since the goal was made in light of why I enjoy doing something so much, I feel like this WIG has staying power and will help power my writing ship for years to come. Time to execute!

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