A Week of Firsts

The past two weeks saw a series of firsts for me. First, as you can see from the photo, I received my first proof in the mail. I cannot tell you how very cool it is to hold in my hand. The sense of accomplishment runs deeper than I thought it would. All aspects of this was due to my labor, from writing the story, writing the ad-copy, the cover design (not the art, though), designing the interior. It’s super awesome. I’ve been wavering on what to do with my first copy; I’ve been leaning toward lugging it to the next con I go to and trying to a get famous author to sign it (heh).

While I was waiting for the print book to get into place, I went ahead and put up the ebook version of Voices in the Deep and had my very first sale! I have done zero promotion beyond this blog, so I can be reasonable certain whoever bought it, was not family or friends. This was also rather satisfying.
Continuing the firsts, my story Underwater Restorations (Part 1 and Part 2 here) in OrsonScott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show was reviewed by Tangent online (my first review!). You can read it here.
And finally, not really a first, but a relief none-the-less, I finished another short and got it off to my alpha readers. I had started writing this one in early February, so almost ten weeks to write. That’s six weeks too long. Part of the problem is I had zero idea where to go at one point, the other was I was spending a lot of my writing time learning to compile .epub and .mobi and other publishing tasks. But those tasks should be behind me now for a few months.
Now all I need to do is figure out what to start on next (eyes the precarious, swaying mountain of ideas).
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