2017 Writerly Targets

I have decided 2017 is a recalibration year. Other than that, I don’t have a long series of targets this year. Here are the targets I’ve settled on:

  • Finish and publish Sunken City Capers Book 4
  • Read at least 10 fiction books.
  • Read at least 10 nonfiction books.

That’s it.

Really the focus is on rediscovering my love of reading. I didn’t read much in 2016, or 2015 for that matter, and that made me unhappy. I like to read. A kind of side bonus is that reading also benefits writing. I’ve already read one fiction book and one nonfiction book this year and have my nose in two more. And I’m really excited about the next book on my list so that’s help motivating me to read even faster.

Writing Sunken City Capers Book 4 shouldn’t take me much longer. I’m a little more than halfway through and I have a reasonably clear direction to go in. My current target is a May or June publication date if my writing speed holds and external scheduling is favorable. As for the second half of the year, I’m going to wait until then to get a better read on the situation before making any decisions about what to write next.

So all in all, a pretty relaxed year—which, after 2016, is just the way I want it.

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