2014 Writing Year Goals

After much deliberation, I have finally decided on my 2014 writing goals.  There was much back-and-forth with myself.  In September and October I nearly burned myself out from writing doing too much, so I was mindful of this when setting my goals.  I wanted goals that while achievable and would force me to grow, but would avoid that burnout region.

This year will be the year of Indie publishing for me.  My plan is to put up my first title in March and release a new story every other month after that.  I’ve already taken classes in cover design and book interiors and found that I rather enjoyed cover design and have an eye for it (so I’ve been told by sources I trust).  I’m excited to share some covers in the year to come (and the stories too!).
I’ve targeted to write sixteen new stories this year, which should be a comfortable pace.  I plan on entering Writers of the Future every quarter and the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest as well continuing the submission cup-and-ball game.  I’ve also decided to make a more concerted effort to practice humor and hard sci-fi.
I would like to take one craft level workshop this coming year, but that may prove to be difficult.  If the right workshop doesn’t materialize, the backup plan is to take a week-long writers retreat to focus solely on craft and pump out some stories.
Worldcon is in London this year, although I would love to go, it’s too far for this beginning writer (unless I start selling consistently to raise the funds), but I’m planning on attending the local Sci-fi/fantasy con.
2014 is shaping up to be a great year.  I can’t wait to get started.
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