Vacationing Offworld: Collection 1


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Eight Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories (three never before published)

The first five stories published by Jeffrey A. Ballard are collected here into one volume including three never before published stories, the steampunkish “The Medicine Doctor,” the eerie “The Chime-Hour Born,” and the humorous “Human Plopping.” Fun bonus material includes an introduction to every story with behinds the scenes info—the story behind the story.


A top scientist must learn what’s really important
The Highlight of a Life

A child is forced to act to save his father
The Cancer under St. Paul’s

A thousand year old secret could destroy humanity.
The Bear that Painted the Stars

Guilt follows all men—even into the depth of an alien ocean.
Voices in the Deep

A sister is forced to choose between her career and her family.
The Kerephrine Reaction

Vacationing Offworld: Collection 1