The Watchers (Novella)

Protectors. Orphans. Watchers. Watchers skim millions of thoughts across parallel universes. Their charge: keep their universe hidden at all costs. But when the Galactic Regency seizes control of Watch Station, the Watchers fight to survive. The ensuing operation launches Emre into the heart of the bond between mother and child where he must choose between […]

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The Highlight of a life (Short Story)

Thrown into the past, Charlie Pearson must find a way to save what is most precious to him. In this gripping, heartwarming tale of redemption, Charlie learns a lesson he failed to learn twenty-five years ago … Available now! $0.99 Free on iTunes & Kobo Read on a Kindle or Kindleapp? Free on NoiseTrade (.mobi)

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The Bear That Painted the Stars (Novella)

An impossible discovery: a patch on a Zhg-controlled asteroid throws the delicate human-Zhg balance into peril. The threat of annihilation looms. In a risky operation, Dallic and his team are  sent in to mitigate the threat. He soon finds himself in a foreign alien culture, and thrust into a high-stakes, life-and-death struggle where a 1000 […]

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