Science Fiction

The Bear That Painted the Stars (Novella)

An impossible discovery: a patch on a Zhg-controlled asteroid throws the delicate human-Zhg balance into peril. The threat of annihilation looms. In a risky operation, Dallic and his team are  sent in to mitigate the threat. He soon finds himself in a foreign alien culture, and thrust into a high-stakes, life-and-death struggle where a 1000 […]

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The Highlight of a life (Short Story)

Thrown into the past, Charlie Pearson must find a way to save what is most precious to him. In this gripping, heartwarming tale of redemption, Charlie learns a lesson he failed to learn twenty-five years ago … Available now! $0.99 Free on iTunes & Kobo Read on a Kindle or Kindleapp? Free on NoiseTrade (.mobi)

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